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port scanning and internet census for the masses.
port scanning is not a crime.
don't like port scanning? ACLs exist.

[ PortRadar ]

PortRadar is currently: Dead For Years.

[ who are we ]

PACKET.TEL LLC is a fully incorperated company that used to be comprised of a small
number of geeks who were doing interesting things and scanning the internet in fun ways
as well as exposing bad/evil companies. We also had opened a new and FREE portscan result
AKA Internet Cartography Service, called PortRadar.

Oh, and we also built and hosted a Security Researcher-Friendly VPS service that
allowed both scanning and spoofing. For $20/m

...as you can probably guess, everything died due to a series of really crazy and bad events - totally unrelated to PACKET.TEL LLC.
Examples include major car crashes, and... well, actually that's really about the majority of it.

Anyhoooooo - I'm putting the old site back up, for now, while I try to re-build everything again, and re-launch! ;)

If you want to chat with me or like-minded folks:
Check out HACKER.REHAB or the
HACKER.REHAB Discord at https://discord.gg/hackers

[ help you're attacking my network! ]

First of all, calm yourself. It's a port scan, nothing malicious has happened.
Second, we follow exemption requests. If you want to be removed from future scans, simply
click here packet.tel/removeme and we'll exclude the ranges your specify
as long as you own them (Verified by ASN)

Do you know of any 1Gbps+ hosting provider that allows internet-wide scans?
--> Tell us about it! You have two options: <--
send us boring emails: hosting@packet.tel
memes on twitter (way more fun): https://twitter.com/packet_tel

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